2009-05-31 at 15-54-30Baldwin Street, Bristol2009-05-31 at 05-35-31Clifton. Victoria Methodist Church on Whiteladies Road, built in the 1860s. On this original site it is belived that John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, preached here in the open air. ThHarbourside Appartments, part of Bristol's regeneration program of Canons Marsh, this is a mixed use residential and commercial development.Floating Harbour. SS Great Britain, the world’s first purpose-built integrated iron steamship. Launched in Bristol in 1843, the ambitious creation of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. After 40 years of service2009-05-31 at 05-37-15Lloyds Building on Canon's Way overlooking the Floating HarbourFloating Harbour. The North Eastern end of the Floating Harbour with Pero's Bridge, the Cascade, Narrow & St Augustine's Reach and at the top the old Tramway Centre (The Centre)2009-05-31 at 05-37-31Redcliffe Bridge and Bristol Bridge over the floating harbour, between Welsh Back and Redcliffe areas of BristolRedcliffe. Church of St Mary Redcliffe, on Redcliffe Way, Redcliffe. Original parts of the church dates back to the 12th Century. The majority of the alterations and enlarements took place in the 15th2009-05-31 at 05-38-08Harbourside. Harmony II berthed at Harbourside, Canons Marsh on the Floating Harbor. Harmony II is a 190 foot mega-yacht,built in 1954, Today it is luxury conference venue whilst in port and a up mark2009-05-31 at 05-39-06Harbourside. At Bristol, Blue Reef Aquarium & IMAX 3D Cinema on Anchor Road in Harbourside.Harbourside. Bristol Planetarium in Millennium Square, part of Explore-At-Bristol, located in HarboursideCanon's Marsh. Millennium Square Water Feature.2009-05-31 at 05-39-332009-05-31 at 05-39-37