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David Kurzberg Goddard is one of a small number of specialist Aerial Photographers and cameraman working in the UK.

David’s images are used by companies all over the world, this includes: Microsoft, BBC, Sky, The Times, Apple, The Guardian, NBC, Yahoo Entertainment, CBS, New York Times, Airbus Industries, Los Angeles Times, ABC News,  Time Inc, Russia Today and many more

David’s photography career started at the age of16, when he became one of the youngest photographers working for the UK and American Music Press, filming musical events like Live Aid. Over the following years David spent time exploring news photography in the Middle East.

In 1994 while learning to fly he photographed a Lancaster and Spitfire flying in formation and within minutes he was hooked on aerial photography, where he has worked ever since.

David’s aerial photography and television projects have included the British Grand Prix, the Glastonbury Festival, the Tour de France and many Royal State Occasions. 


David Portrait B&W Port Bristol From the Air Book Cover IMG_7809

North East from the Air Book Cover Cotswolds From the Air Book Cover

Stonehenge, Wiltshire