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Aerial Photographic Commissions

Standard Aerial Photographic Survey £550.00

You can commission me to carryout an aerial photographic survey. All I need is the post code and a description of the site to be filmed. Package includes at least 20 Hi-res images(often more) of the requested area. For multiple sites please telephone for a discounted rate.

The establishing shot

Establishing shots are wide views that reveal the surroundings to a site or property. This might include motorway junctions, town centres and any other local infrastructure that is relevant to the commission

Close-up photographs are a great way to focus in on special attributes within a site. 

Architectural features, Glass roofs, formal gardens, abstract patterns are all great targets for this style of aerial photography

Creative shot.

When flying over a site you can sometimes find eye catching angles or patterns that are usually unplanned. These shots are particularly popular with clients for use as backgrounds or contrast fills. Any arty picture that generates intrigue with the viewer or just a second glance, is often  considered a success.

Telephoto shots

This style photograph can visually bring distant objects much closer to the foreground, this gives a unique selective view 

Traditional Aerial Shot

The traditional aerial photo gives the viewer a 70-50 degree angle of view of the site from numerous sides. This is the most requested style but is not always the most used.

Snowy Royal Holloway University, Surrey -0373.jpg
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